0 - 3 yrs old Program

At Starfish, we strive to provide a curriculum that teaches each child various learning opportunities through play-based learning such as sensory experiences, construction, music and movement, art expressions, projects and so much more.

Our 3-Year-Old Kinder Program adopts the majority of the funded 4-Year-Old Program, and is delivered as an introduction to the funded Kindergarten Program.
We provide a range of extra-curricular activities throughout the calendar year to complement the regular teaching program. These incursions are offered by professionals in the field of physical education, arts, music, aboriginal culture, animals and dance.

Starfish Early Learning Centre is a sun-smart centre, where sunscreen and a hat are compulsory at all times when playing outdoors. Sunscreen will be provided in your fees and a Starfish hat may be purchased at any of our centres.

Quality premium disposable nappies and wipes are provided for all children who attend the centre at no extra cost.

Further Questions?

If you have any further questions regarding the Starfish Kindergarten Program you can contact us on