Our Vision

Championing Children’s wonder to strengthen their rich intelligences and learning possibilities.

Our Philosophy

The Starfish philosophy is based on six key elements that help make up who we are and why we do what we do; Children, Family, Diversity, Learning Environment, Community, and Educators.


We believe in creating a safe, respectful, and inclusive space where every child can learn, explore, and grow to their full potential. Our approach focuses on fostering strength, competence, creativity, and active learning in each unique individual. We value and celebrate diverse expressions and perspectives, empowering children to have a voice in their own learning and development.


Our philosophy acknowledges that the family is a child’s first teacher. Therefore, we strive to establish respectful and reciprocal relationships with families to support and enhance their child’s learning.


At Starfish, we embrace Australia’s multicultural and diverse nature. We celebrate our community’s diverse aspects by fostering a learning environment that promotes inclusivity and understanding. Our mission is to support, accept, and value all families, children, and educators in our community. We promote cultural appreciation and understanding through the use of resources and active involvement from families and the wider community.

Learning Environment

Starfish believes that, in concert with our team and the family, the learning environment serves as the third teacher. Our educators create flexible and visually engaging play experiences using natural, recycled, and man-made resources. This stimulates inquiry, exploration, and discovery among the children. We foster a learning environment that encourages curiosity, imagination, knowledge, and creative thinking through exploration and research, while also adhering to strict cleanliness and safety standards.


Starfish believes that staying connected to the local community is vital for children’s sense of belonging and understanding of the world. We actively seek to create inclusive opportunities within our community to share knowledge and experiences. Through partnerships with our community, we enrich the children’s learning outcomes through interactive and engaging activities.


Our educators authentically and meaningfully incorporate our Early Years Learning Framework and draw inspiration from the Reggio Emilia approach to Early Childhood Education in their educational practices. Collaboration and effective communication are key among our cohesive team of Starfish educators. We prioritise team-building practices and place importance on ongoing professional learning to enhance and update our pedagogy.

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