Buildings & Classrooms

Starfish Early Learning Centres were built and architecturally designed to enhance the natural play spaces available for children to learn, develop and grow. Our facilities include nursery rooms, toddler rooms and Kindergarten rooms (for 3yo and 4yo children).

Each room has access to lockers/bag hooks, children’s bathrooms/nappy change benches, a storeroom and outdoor areas.
The spaces that cater to children up to two years old have access to their own food preparation area including a refrigerator and microwave.

Each room is equipped with furniture that is fit for purpose, age appropriate and designed to enhance and promote a child’s learning experience.

We at Starfish Early Learning Centre promote natural environment settings, while also incorporating man made, synthetic and recycled/upcycled materials. Our furnishings include timber tables, both adult sized and child sized, timber and plastic children’s chairs, wooden cots and ergonomic and easy to clean plastic high chairs. We have adopted an eclectic mix of outdoor equipment and materials, combining rubber and tan bark soft fall, artificial grass and trees, sand, dirt and stones in our landscaping, timber and metal climbing equipment as well as hand-made equipment.