5 Reasons to Enrol Your Child in an Early Learning Centre

We know that as a parent – your first priority is to provide the very best for your children.  Whether you’re working, studying, juggling multiple children with running a household, or are just keen to begin your child’s early education – an Early Learning Centre (or Childcare Centre) is a fantastic opportunity for them to play, learn and grow.

Here are some reasons to enrol in an Early Learning Centre.

Early Childhood Education nurtures curiosity

Children of all ages, (yes, even infants), have active imaginations, and educators know how to harness this natural curiosity to encourage learning. Studies have shown that when very young children are given opportunities to be creative, they are able to learn new concepts faster, persist through challenges and discover new ideas later in life.  The experiences and group interactions offered to children, provides them with opportunities to become creative and confident, while also overcoming fears and anxieties.

Early Childhood Education promotes emotional and social development

In an Early Learning Centre, children learn to interact with other children as well as with adults. Through group learning experiences, children learn to negotiate, communicate, make choices, follow rules and boundaries, accomplish tasks, overcome fears, and showcase their imaginative side.  Children who feel emotionally secure and confident in their environment, feel more able to explore, try new experiences and learn through their play.

Early Childhood Education teaches responsibility

When children are given tasks and choices, they learn to take care of themselves and others. Educators understand that giving children real responsibilities such as putting toys away when they’ve finished with them, looking after and guiding a new child in their room, or scraping their bowls after lunch, can help develop their sense of pride, self-worth and sense of community.

Early Childhood Education helps children to grow their cognitive, language, math and reading skills

All of these skills are essential for future education, but are also the building blocks for important life skills.  However, our educators have learnt how to teach children these skills within games, toys and experiences, catering to the needs of all the individuals within the group.

Early Childhood Education prepares children for their future

A quality Early Learning Centre gives children the tools they’ll need to succeed, not only when they go to school, but throughout their lives. As children participate in the programs they’re enrolled in, they don’t just learn how to sing, dance and complete a puzzle.  Their imaginations are cherished, their thoughts and opinions appreciated, their cooperation and collaboration guided until they develop a zest for learning and discovery.  This will stick with them as they grow; able to apply these skills to all the various problems and challenges they will come across in their lives.

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